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At Clarksville Highway Memorials we treat your family like our family and creating quality headstones that will last, is our speciality.

CHM provides affordable, individualized service designed to meet the needs of each family we serve. CHM has dozens of designs for you to choose from or if you have an idea of your own, we can do that too! Each stone is personalized and handcrafted with attention to detail. 

Since 2003, we have made memorialization, our profession, our specialty but especially our passion!
For two decades, we have been performing in the design, construction and installation of funerary monuments in cemeteries all across the United States.

To make this process easier, it is our job to help guide you, so let's get started!
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Clarksville Highway Memorials is partnered with Heavenly Monuments

We all want to show our love and respect for those who have touched our lives. Clarksville Highway Memorials, works with each family on a individual basis to create the perfect memorial that fits within your budget.

1. Think about your "story" 

Before you give us a call, think about the story you intend to tell with this memorial. Think of special experiences, phrases, hobbies, personal attributes and life’s accomplishments unique to your loved one. Also consider what you would like future generations to know. Once you’ve begun piecing together this story, begin thinking about this story can be told through a memorial. We recommend walking through the cemetery in which they are laid to rest, or browsing our gallery, to get an idea of how others have told stories through their monuments.

2. Learn about the types of monuments on 
    our website

Our website is designed to educate you about the different types of monuments we offer. Please take a moment to read more about our monuments, their options and important cemetery limitations.

3. Contact us to get a quote

In our initial conversation, we ask that you come prepared to provide us with a few pieces of information: 1. The number of people this memorial is intended for. 2. The cemetery in which this monument will be installed. 3. The monument style or granite colors (if applicable). This helps us generate the most accurate quote possible and helps us verify cemetery requirements. The most efficient and quickiest was to get a quote is by calling our office during our business hours. 615-

4. Approve your design, sign the contract and
    pay your 50% deposit.

Now that we have spoken and know more about your memorial needs, we can now create our first draft of the design. Once the design is approved, you will sign a contract and pay the 50% deposit. When your deposit is received, is when we will start the production of your monument.

5. Allow time to design and install your 

Most standard monuments can be produced, shipped, and installed in 3-8 months. Custom monuments can take anywhere from 6-12 months. We will coordinate the installation with our contact at the cemetery, who will have the space flagged off for us in advance. After installation our crew will take photos of the job, and our office staff will call to inform you the work has been completed.

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